Exceeds high availability and response requirements for 3.5 millions users

Company: Matrimony.com
Industry: Technology

India’s first pure-play consumer Internet company to be publicly listed, Matrimony.com provides both matchmaking and marriage-related services to users in India and the Indian diaspora. The company’s platform spans many mobile apps, mobile sites and 300 plus web sites. Considering the high availability requirements to keep pace with the increase in user base and the high traffic to the sites, it was decided to move one of the critical underlying database from open source Redis to Redis Enterprise.

Why Matrimony.com Selects Redis Enterprise


Matrimony.com’s fast growth led them to begin searching for a database capable of handling it’s 3.5 million active users. Already using the Redis data store was already being used to maintain some critical functionalities of their flagship services, BharatMatrimony and CommunityMatrimony, the team knew that it needed a database that could better support replication and their high availability requirements.

Redis Enterprise was a natural fit for Matrimony.com’s scaling requirements. With its built-in failsafe high availability and continuous replication, Redis Enterprise serves an essential role throughout all of Matrimony.com’s websites, WAP sites, and phone apps for its flagship services. “Moving from the community edition of Redis to Redis Enterprise is just the first step for Matrimony.com,” says Mugunthan Soundararajan, Senior Vice President of Technology at Matrimony.com. “I personally look forward to continued improvements in both performance and the end user experience. The new product features from Redis Enterprise will be explored, evaluated and accordingly considered for use if found suitable and relevant.”

Customer requirements

  • Matrimony.com needed a high availability database that would play a critical role in its application layer in order to continue serving a large and growing community of users at scale.

Redis Enterprise benefits

  • Failsafe high availability and continuous replication
  • Scalable performance through a sharednothing cluster architecture
  • Flexible data structures for any future use case
  • Zero operational hassle with 24×7 support

Resolving Customer Complaints by Ensuring High Availability

Matrimony.com’s flagship matchmaking services – BharatMatrimony, EliteMatrimony and CommunityMatrimony, have more than 3.5 Million active users. The Redis data store has been in use to maintain some of the key functionality like offers to members besides additional details.

With 70% of all traffic on its mobile platform, providing an instant experience with rapid response times on any network is even more critical to the business. So, the team went looking for a new database that could meet their high availability requirements without deviating from the company’s long-standing support for open source technologies.

Moving to Redis Enterprise for Exceptional Performance at Scale

Initially, Matrimony.com considered other alternates, but wanted a database that could better support replication, so they ultimately chose Redis Enterprise. “We had been looking for the right solution, and knew we needed built-in high availability capabilities,” remembers Mugunthan Soundararajan, Matrimony.com’s Senior Vice President of Technology. “We evaluated Redis Enterprise at the right time and were able to adopt the new functionality within a short span of time. We especially like Redis Enterprise’s shared nothing cluster architecture, which ensures our application is always available to end users.”

Redis Enterprise provides best-in-class performance and the most efficient use of hardware resources for the platform’s application layer. The enterprise-grade database serves an essential role across all of Matrimony.com’s web sites, WAP sites, and Android and iOS apps for its major brands. This includes indices connected to 15 regional domains under BharatMatrimony, as well as to 300-plus domains under CommunityMatrimony.

Going Beyond Siloed Data Models with a True Multi-Model Database

As Matrimony.com’s workload increases and Redis Enterprise continues to maintain top-notch performance, Soundararajan is already thinking about new ways his team can leverage the solution. He’s hopeful that RediSearch can help resolve some bottlenecks.

In addition, Soundararajan plans to investigate how modules like RedisGraph and RedisML could power recommendations based on each user’s preferences. With a major focus on data science and analytics, Matrimony.com’s opportunities to uncover value from Redis Enterprise are infinite. The versatile database has already proven itself when it comes to availability, and is poised to help the organisation enhance its revenues.