Redis Stack

Extends Redis with modern data models and processing engines. Includes documentation for the bundled Redis modules and RedisInsight.

Redis Stack is an improved starting point for working with Redis. We've bundled together the best of the technology that we have to offer into an easy to use package. Redis Stack extends the core capabilities of Redis OSS and provides a complete developer experience for debugging and more.

In addition to all of the features of Redis OSS, Redis Stack supports:

  • Probabilistic data structures
  • Queryable JSON documents
  • Querying across hashes and JSON documents
  • Time series data support (ingestion & querying)
  • Graph data models with the Cypher query language

Why Redis Stack?

Redis Stack was created to allow developers to build real-time applications with a backend data platform that can reliably process requests in milliseconds or less. Redis Stack does this by taking the original Redis OSS as the core and enhancing it with modern data models, data processing tools, and continuing to fight complexity at every turn. Ultimately, the goal of Redis Stack is to build a real-time data platform that continues to fulfill the philosophy of Redis OSS: simplicity, performance, and reliability.

Redis Stack unifies and simplifies the developer experience of the leading Redis modules and the capabilities they provide. Redis Stack bundles five Redis modules: RedisJSON, RediSearch, RedisGraph, RedisTimeSeries, and RedisBloom.

The overarching vision is to provide developers with a powerful platform for all real-time data use cases. As we continue to advance the capabilities of Redis beyond caching, Redis Stack is the place to start. Redis Stack delivers the core capabilities developers love about Redis and goes beyond to help you build modern applications where performance is paramount.

Redis Stack packaging

There are three distinct Redis Stack packages to choose from:

  • Redis Stack Server: This packages contains Redis OSS and module extensions only. It does not contain Redis Insight, the developer desktop application. This package is best for production deployment and is intended to be a drop-in replacement (for example, if you're already deploying Redis OSS as a cache).

  • Redis Stack (Desktop): This package contains everything a developer needs in a single bundle. This includes Redis OSS and module extensions along with the Redis Insight desktop application. If you want to create an application locally and explore how it interacts with Redis, this is the package for you.

  • Redis Stack Insights: This package ONLY contains RedisInsight, the developer desktop application. If you've used Redis Stack Server and you also want to use Redis Insight to explore your Redis data, select this package.

Getting started

To get started with Redis Stack, see the Getting Started guide. You may also want to:

Use cases

Explore use cases of the applied modern data models and processing engines provided by Redis Stack across industries and applications.


Modules as described here are generic, and we list only the representative use cases.


Several Redis client libraries support Redis Stack. These include redis-py, node_redis, and Jedis. In addition, four higher-level object mapping libraries also support Redis Stack: Redis OM .NET, Redis OM Node, Redis OM Python, Redis OM Spring.


Redis Stack also includes RedisInsight, a visualization tool for understanding and optimizing Redis data.

RedisInsight allows you to:

  • View performance metrics for your Redis instance with the Overview tool
  • View data structures visually with the Browser tool
  • Manage basic properties of your Redis cluster such as cluster node timeout, IP, or port with the Cluster Management tool
  • Run commands with a REPL (read-eval-print-loop) the CLI tool
  • Analyze memory usage with the Memory Analysis tool
  • Identify and troubleshoot bottlenecks with the Slowlog tool
  • Edit the configuration of your Redis instance with the Configuration tool
  • and more...

Redis Stack license

Redis Stack is made up of several components, licensed as follows:

  • Redis Stack Server, which combines open source Redis with RediSearch, RedisJSON, RedisGraph, RedisTimeSeries, and RedisBloom, is dual-licensed under the Redis Source Available License (RSALv2 and the Server Side Public License (SSPL). A breakdown of licensing by Stack component versions is shown in the table below. For more information about Redis licensing, see Licenses.

  • RedisInsight is licensed under the SSPL.

Versions and licenses

Starting November 15, 2022, our default binary distributions of Redis Stack and our Redis modules have been dual-licensed under RSALv2 and SSPL. When using the source code, you can apply either RSALv2 or SSPLv1.

Module RSALv1 Binary distribution: RSALv2
Source code: RSALv2 or SSPLv1
Redis Stack <= 6.2.4 >= 6.2.6
RediSearch <= 2.4 >= 2.6
RedisJSON <= 2.2 >= 2.4
RedisGraph <=2.8 >=2.10
RedisTimeSeries <=1.6 >= 1.8
RedisBloom <= 2.2 >=2.4


If you've found issues on this page, or have suggestions for improvement, please submit a request to merge or open an issue in the repository.