Accelerate Your Journey to the Cloud

Increasingly, enterprises are looking to the cloud to run their core mission-critical systems and the cloud is often the primary platform for launching new applications. The shift to the cloud also creates a need for organizations to rethink their data layer. Understanding your application and data layer path is critical to cloud success. Join database leader Redis, dbInsights analyst Tony Baer, and social media leader ShareChat to learn the different paths to the cloud, the factors that determine which path you take, and the requirements for a modern data layer.`

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • When to migrate applications vs when to build cloud-native applications
  • How to chart your path to the cloud with TCO and operational efficiency in mind
  • When it’s time to graduate from open source databases to enterprise databases
  • How ShareChat moved a critical mass of workloads from AWS to Google Cloud
When:Aug 6, 2020 | 10:00 AM PST
Duration:45 minutes
Featured Speakers:Venkatesh Ramaswamy, VP of Engineering, ShareChat
Tony Baer, Founder and Principal, dbInsight
Mike Anand, VP of Product and Corporate Marketing, Redis
Audience:VP Engineering | Architect | DevOps

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Venkatesh Ramaswamy, VP of Engineering, ShareChat

Venkatesh is the VP of Engineering at ShareChat where he is responsible for development, devops, data, platform, security, IT and quality. In his previous life, he built and headed teams at eBay and PayPal that included the Checkout, Order, Cart, Payments, Risk and others. When not in the midst of work (or chaos), he loves programming and to work on his side projects, tinkering around with hardware and system level programming. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 kids and occasionally catches-up on a game of badminton. 

Tony Baer, Founder and Principal, dbInsight

Tony is a recognized industry expert on data-driven transformation. Analytics Insight named him one of the 2019 Top 100 Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Influencers. His combined expertise in both legacy database technologies and emerging cloud and analytics technologies shapes how technology providers go to market in an industry undergoing significant transformation. His regular ZDnet “Big on Data” posts are read 25,000 – 30,000 times monthly.

Mike Anand, VP of Product Marketing, Redis

Mike has spent more than 15 years building, pitching, and growing products at various stages of many successful companies. His passion for customer experience and storytelling led him on a journey deep into Product Marketing, starting with AppDynamics (acquired by Cisco for almost $4B) where he played a critical role in transforming the story of application analytics into business performance. Most recently, Mike led Product Marketing for the Amazon Web Services Observability Portfolio (Amazon CloudWatch and AWS X-Ray) and then for AWS Container Services.