Achieving Geo-Distribution and High Availability with Redis and Azure

In today’s age, modern enterprises require their applications to have high availability across the globe. Thankfully, ensuring high availability for their customers all over the world doesn’t have to be complicated. In this webinar, join Redis and Microsoft to learn how to configure and leverage Active-Active geo-distribution on the Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise platform. Active-Active deployment allows businesses to create global applications that provide local sub-millisecond read/write latencies with considerably better resilience to failure.

During this session, you’ll learn the differences between Azure Cache for Redis and the Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise tiers as well as common use cases, how to configure and set up Active-Active clusters in the Azure Portal as a live demo.

In this webinar you’ll hear about: 

  • Common Active-Active Use Cases
  • Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise Modules
  • Active-Active configuration and deployment for Azure customers

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Event speakers:

Sean Noyes

Senior Cloud Partner Solution Architect, Redis
Kyle Teegarden

Senior Product Manager, Microsoft