Achieving Greater Agility: Emerging Trends in Data Management and DevOps

While the application development world continues to thrive from the adoption of DevOps, data management at many companies today lacks the speed, interoperability, and flexibility desired by businesses to effectively compete on intelligence.

Data is still managed through rigid and, oftentimes, manual processes in siloed domains where collaboration is less constant.

There are numerous reasons organizations are hesitant to fully embrace Ops practices in the realm of databases. Concerns over data consistency, testing and deployment, legacy systems integration, and overall complexity can make introducing modern tools and practices challenging.

At the same time, plenty of organizations are finding ways to successfully bridge the gap between data management and DevOps. In fact, as the adoption of cloud-native apps, microservices, and containers continues to grow this will become ever more important.

Event Speaker

Henry Tam, Sr., Principal Solutions Marketing Manager, Redis

Henry Tam

Principal Solutions Marketing Manager


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