Build vs. Buy: Disaster Recovery in Redis Open Source vs. Redis Enterprise

Compare disaster recovery between Redis open source and Redis Enterprise

What’s the best way to handle disaster recovery when moving Redis into production? Join this Tech Talk as our experts give a point-by-point breakdown of your options. 

You’ll learn what it takes to build disaster recovery into Redis open source, and see how the built-in capabilities of Redis Enterprise help ensure business continuity. Get insights to make an informed build vs. buy choice:

  • How to establish persistence, automatic failover, and high availability in Redis open source
  • Ongoing maintenance and node failure response in Redis open source
  • Built-in disaster recovery capabilities in Redis Enterprise
  • Five 9s high availability with Redis Enterprise active-active geo-replication

 You’ll hear from Redis customer spf.io on how they handle disaster recovery, and be able to ask your own questions at our live Q&A!

Talon Miller

Talon Miller

Technical Product Marketing Manager

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