Building GenAI Apps: Hands-On Workshop using Google Cloud’s Vertex AI and Redis Enterprise

It’s a new era of application development with generative AI technology such as LLMs. From how users interact with applications to how developers harness new levels of productivity, AI models can make building and evolving applications even easier – and Redis and Google Cloud can help. 

We’ll take you step-by-step and show you how Vertex AI and Redis Enterprise deliver the fundamental components of efficient, scalable language model applications: foundation models and a high-performance data layer. We will walk you through real-life examples, walk through hands-on labs, and cover:

  • Gen AI and its impact on technology
  • Vertex AI key features and benefits
  • Hands-on: Building a real-time chatbot
  • Scalability and performance considerations
  • Security and compliance 

Event Speakers

Gilbert Lau, Cloud Partner Solution Architect

Gilbert Lau

Partner Solutions Architect

Saurabh Kumar, Cloud Engineer, Google

Saurabh Kumar

ISV Partner Engineer
Google Cloud

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