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Cost Efficiencies at Scale for Redis on AWS: ElastiCache to Redis Enterprise

Redis Enterprise: the most cost-efficient way to scale Redis on AWS

In today’s market everyone is looking to reduce costs and be more efficient. ElastiCache is a great solution for starting out with Redis, but can become difficult and costly to manage at scale.

Watch this webinar to learn about the differences between Redis Enterprise Cloud and ElastiCache, and hear from Redis directly how to get the best of Redis on AWS.

In this session we’ll show you how to:

  • Realize cost-savings through efficient infrastructure choices for Redis. Get more out of your infrastructure with a shared nothing architecture and pay for the Redis capacity, not for the infrastructure to run it.
  • Reduce footprint with a multi-tenant architecture to further reduce the cost of running multiple Redis databases, small, large or very large.
  • Discover more advanced options to run with Flash based memory-tiering or other persistence options to use Redis as a modern database also with JSON, indexes and queries.
  • And get the best of deploying Redis at scale with multi-regional deployments and improving SLA to 99.999%

Get to hear what were the cost savings from customers who moved from ElastiCache to Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS and get to know the path to move those workloads seamlessly, scale and fully migrate without data loss. All that with also the option to utilize your committed spend through the AWS marketplace.

Date: Tuesday, 19th September Time: 10:30 am CET

Event Speaker

Hannu Ylitalo Senior Solution Architect

Hannu Ylitalo

Senior Solution Architect


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