Dev It Live: Program Your Redis Database With JavaScript

It’s always nice when we can get someone else to do our work for us.

Now, you can streamline your applications by letting Redis do some of the work.

Triggers and Functions in the latest Redis Stack lets you use JavaScript to program Redis in a number of ways that write and execute JavaScript directly within your Redis database. 

Watch this live coding session where we walk you through exactly how to get started. Redis experts will demonstrate adding Triggers and Functions to an existing application to unlock new functionality you can use with your own applications.

This session covers:

– What Triggers and Functions are, and how they are used in Redis

– Three types of Triggers and Functions (keyspace, stream, and on-demand)

– How to apply Triggers and Functions in a real-world application

– Live Q&A about Redis

Event Speakers

Will Johnston, Sr. Developer Growth Marketing Manager, Redis

Will Johnston

Sr. Developer Growth Marketing Manager

Justin Castilla, Senior Developer Advocate, Redis

Justin Castilla

Sr. Developer Advocate

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