Driving AI Innovation:
Making it easy to build Generative AI apps with Redis Enterprise

With the current attention on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and generative AI products like ChatGPT, companies are under a lot of pressure to develop applications with these technologies. But how do you turn terabytes of unstructured data – ranging from text to images, audio, and video – into useful information for your AI strategy or application? 

The answer is a vector database – powered by a real-time data layer; a critical enabler in creating personalised, blink of an eye experiences.

In our new office by Borough Market, George von Bülow, Senior Solution Architect at Redis, shares how to use Redis’s vector database capabilities for real-time AI apps. We show the elements of building generative AI applications – using the Redis technology you already know.


George von Bülow, Senior Solution Architect, Redis

George von Bülow

Senior Solution Architect

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