Enabling Modern Architectures with Redis

An emerging trend among both established organizations and burgeoning startups is the crucial role that data and digital technology play in accelerating digital innovation. Feeding into this trend is the greater volumes and varieties of data being generated, collected, analyzed, and served in real-time for instantaneous user experiences.

In this virtual summit, we discussed how adding cloud-native in-memory enterprise grade caching can improve the end-user digital experience by orders of magnitude. We covered the many caching patterns seamlessly supported by Redis Enterprise and how they can enable real-time data serving across trending architectures such as microservices, online feature stores, data virtualization, lambda/kappa architectures.

In addition we also show how Redis Enterprise is used as a data serving layer in machine learning pipelines for online feature storage and vector search. With so many topics covered in one session, there are many reasons to watch this.

Event Speakers

Mike Matchett, CEO & Principal Analyst Small World Big Data

Mike Matchett

CEO & Principal Analyst
Small World Big Data

Allen Terleto, Redis Field CTO

Allen Terleto

Field CTO

Sam Partee

Sam Partee

Principal Applied AI Engineer

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