Are You Ready for Enterprise Caching?

What is it and who is it for? Find out with Lee Atchison.


Caching is no longer a nice-to-have. Your customers expect real-time responses every time they interact with your application, which makes your application’s cache just as critical as its primary database.

But just because your cache speeds up your app when it has a small footprint doesn’t mean the same architecture will work at enterprise scale. To make your cache enterprise-grade, you need it to be highly available, scale automatically, have efficient infrastructure utilization, and support flexible deployment on-premises and in the cloud.  

Tune in for a discussion with Lee Atchison, cloud strategist, thought leader, and author of the popular Caching at scale with Redis book. We’ll cover: 

  • What the characteristics of enterprise-grade and mission-critical caches are
  • Why caching is at the heart of any modern application
  • How the wrong approach to caching creates technical debt
  • Why your cache needs to be as highly available and reliant as your application

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Event speaker:

Lee Atchison
Lee Atchison

Author, Cloud Strategist, Atchison Technology