Getting Started With Query and Search

Get customers the data they need – faster

Developers and architects who build applications turn to real-time search to provide the performance required to keep users happy because the competition is always just a click away. Learn to unleash the power of data for your business with a real-time indexing, querying, and full-text search engine. Redis Enterprise includes a flexible search engine that delivers sub-millisecond results for enhanced customer experiences and better business intelligence.

You will learn how Redis search overcomes common application challenges, including:

  • Network Latency: Redis Enterprise runs geo-distributed on cloud and on premises, providing data locality and ensuring low-latency search results anywhere around the globe. 
  • Ingest performance: To search fast, you need to ingest and index data fast. Ingesting massive amounts of data and scaling to millions of writes per second with sub-millisecond latency is impossible for traditional disk-based databases. Redis Enterprise runs in-memory for fast ingest performance and scalability.
  • Freshness: Applications require current and immediately usable data. Slow search engines force developers to pre-calculate, pre-aggregate, or manipulate the data before using it. This causes data to become stale, losing accuracy and credibility. Stale data invalidates operational or real-time analytics. Redis delivers fresh data with sub-millisecond search results for accurate intelligence.
  • Concurrency: Data concurrency allows multiple users to process reads and writes simultaneously within a single database structure. Redis Enterprise in-memory database supports real-time search use cases when other disk-based search engines fail. An in-memory database can consistently scale search and query with low latency response times distributed across database shards, providing high concurrency and data protection.


  1. Why real-time search matters
  2. Search challenges
  3. How Redis helps
  4. Search use cases
    1. Real-time analytics
    2. Master data table lookups
    3. Customer 360°

We look forward to getting started with query and search together with you!

Event Speaker

Flavio de Rezende, Senior Solution Architect, Redis

Flavio de Rezende

Senior Solution Architect

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