How Docugami Uses Redis Enterprise for Document Engineering and KG-RAG at Scale

Learn how Docugami uses Generative AI and Redis to transform documents into actionable insights.

Docugami is the “document engineering” company that transforms business documents into actionable data at scale. Docugami’s proprietary Business Document Foundation Model leverages Apache Spark and Redis to convert enormous sets of business documents into Knowledge Graphs. Business users can then build custom views against these Knowledge Graphs, get AI assistance to create new documents, or perform Knowledge Graph Retrieval Augmented Generation (KG-RAG). 

In this session, you hear from the Docugami Co-Founders about how Docugami uses Redis Enterprise to overcome performance and scale challenges with Apache Spark to meet the SLAs and cost efficiency requirements of large-scale document querying, authoring, and KG-RAG.

By watching the session, you’ll learn:

  1. About challenges with large-scale document processing using Apache Spark e.g. caching checkpoint data
  2. Best practices for querying across many documents for KG-RAG powered by Redis real-time vector database capabilities
  3. About Docugami’s recently released open-source datasets and KG-RAG templates for LlamaIndex and LangChain

Event Speakers

Henry Tam, Sr., Principal Solutions Marketing Manager, Redis

Henry Tam

Principal Solutions Marketing Manager

Taqi Jaffri

Taqi Jaffri

Co-Founder, Head of Product

Mike Palmer

Mike Palmer

Co-Founder, Head of Technologies

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