How to Level Up Your Relational Database

Relational databases were not designed to deliver the kind of modern-day customer experiences end users expect. Customers have come to expect fast and consistent digital experiences across their applications, and that’s often driven by real-time data. But, applications backed by relational databases were designed for durability, not speed.

Learn how Redis Enterprise can help level up the customer experience and deliver real-time user experiences while significantly improving the performance of your relational database applications.

In this webinar, Redis will help the viewer understand the typical design patterns for using Redis Enterprise with relational databases and showcase customer success stories from various industries.

Key Takeaways:

  • Customers delighted by modern e-commerce, delivery or fintech apps, demand the same fast, consistent service in every business interaction
  • Apps powered by relational databases can be slow and expensive to scale and typically deliver a poor customer experience
  • Redis Enterprise can slash latencies, scale the relational database and cost-effectively deliver delightful customer experiences

Event Speakers

Prasanna Rajagopal, Principal Industry Solution Architect, Redis

Prasanna Rajagopal

Principal Industry Solution Architect Redis

Bill Schoonmaker

Senior Solutions Architect

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