Intro to Redis Streams and Pub/Sub

Redis Streams and Redis Pub/Sub are two incredibly fast real-time communications features of Redis. Pub/Sub has long been an industry standard way to fire off real-time notifications to mobile apps, browsers and services. Redis Streams gives you a more reliable way to share events from producers to consumers, much in the same way Kafka does. So which one should you use for your next app? Join Dave in this talk and find out.

When:Jan 9, 2020 | 11:00 am
Duration:45 minutes
Featured Speaker:Dave Nielsen, Head of Community & Ecosystem Programs, Redis


Dave Nielsen, Head of Community & Ecosystem Programs, Redis

As Head of Community & Ecosystem Programs, Dave helps developers share their experience and excitement for Redis; and in the process brings new Redis innovation to the broader Cloud Computing ecosystem. Dave derives his extensive experience from many years of evangelizing ‘The Cloud’ before it became a household name. In one of his many lives, Dave worked at PayPal where he managed its very first developer evangelism program and proposed to his girlfriend in his book PayPal Hacks.

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