JSON Web Tokens are Dangerous

Perceived benefits, actual dangers, and battle-tested alternatives to session management

JSON Web Tokens are a popular choice for managing user sessions. However, many security experts at companies like Auth0 and Okta have published numerous articles about the potential dangers and inefficiencies of using JWTs.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How JWTs help with session management, authentication, and authorization
  • Why security experts believe JWTs aren’t safe for user sessions
  • JWT workarounds, common challenges, and a battle-tested solution to replace them
  • How to use Redis for session storage, and in conjunction with JWTs

You will be able to ask your own questions at our live Q&A!

This webinar is available for registration on multiple dates throughout 2023.

Event Speaker

Will Johnston, Developer Growth Lead, Redis

Will Johnston

Developer Growth Lead, Redis

Session has ended – Video coming soon