Latency Is the New Downtime

Protect your Redis cache

Your cache helps applications get fast and stay fast. Operating in memory, your software can access data at top speed. We care because that means your customers can buy a product or update a medical record immediately.

But when things go wrong, what happens? Frustrated customers. Abandoned shopping carts. Incomplete transactions. If your site gets slower, do you have mechanisms in place to recover the data and return your site to its expected performance state? What if your application stops working completely?

Join Bill Schoonmaker of Redis who will explain how to create cache confidence using Redis Enterprise – and why you should do so. He’s joined by The Reg’s Tim Phillips as they discuss:

  • The risks of an unreliable cache
  • Scaling your cache with your application
  • Migrating to Redis Enterprise

Event Speakers

Bill Schoonmaker

Senior Solutions Architect

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