Latency is the
New Outage

Growing your online business is more important than ever.

The world’s leading brands are surviving and thriving, by investing in the expansion of their digital customer experiences. Those experiences require applications that are hosted on different infrastructures, in different geographies, and with different providers in a distributed architecture for always on and always available applications and platforms. This complex sprawl can strain performance, availability, and total cost of ownership.

Join this session with Chetan Kalyan, VP Engineering, Meesho and Allen Terleto, Field CTO at Redis, to understand the impact that slow applications can have on consumer experience—and to gain tips and tricks for maintaining low latency during peak periods.


During this session, we will cover:

  • How slow applications affect your business
  • Why the speed of your data layer is so critical
  • How to deliver the lowest latency physically possible for your customers

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Event speakers:

Allen Terleto
Allen Terleto

Field CTO
Chetan Kalyan

VP Engineering