Memory First: An Introduction to Redis

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Odds are, you’ve heard of Redis. Maybe you’re a total noob and want to learn all about it. Maybe you’ve used it to cache an API call or some JSON strings and want to know what else it can do. Maybe you *haven’t* heard of Redis and are curious what all the fuss is about.

Wanna find out? Watch Guy Royse, Senior Developer Advocate at Redis, as he explains what Redis is—a wicked-fast, memory-first database—and why you should care. During this meetup, Guy will share with you what it can store, how you can access it, and how you can make sure that what’s in memory is still there when the power goes off. We’ll also explore how you can extend Redis—adding new commands, new data structures, and new capabilities. And, we’ll do it both from the command line and from code with examples in C#, Java, JavaScript, and Python.

When we’re done, you’ll know what Redis is and what all the fuss is about. But, more importantly, you’ll know how to put memory first to build fast applications and faster experiences.

Redis Presenter

Guy Royse Senior Developer Advocate

Guy Royse

Senior Developer Advocate

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