Monolithic to Microservices: Apna’s Journey with Redis Enterprise

Apna is India’s largest professional networking and job opportunities platform. Its popular data-driven app uses AI algorithms to revolutionize the way job seekers connect with opportunities. 

To keep up with its rapid growth and manage billions of rows of data and 50,000 read/write operations per second, Apna needed to upgrade to a high-performance database caching solution to handle increasing traffic and mitigate latency issues that were causing customer churn. 

Listen to a discussion with Apna’s Head of Platform Engineering and Infrastructure as we explore its transformation journey with Redis Enterprise on Google Cloud.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about Apna’s architecture and hear about its journey from Memorystore to Redis Enterprise 
  • Discuss its tech stack, upgrading to Redis Enterprise on Google Cloud Marketplace, and its perspective on building vs. buying 
  • Explore the challenges, opportunities and outcomes around its transformation using Redis Enterprise on Google Cloud including performance gains, cost savings, and a superior user experience for its customers.

Event Speakers

Suresh Khemka

Head of Platform Engineering and Infrastructure


Google Cloud

 Dishank Nagpal

APAC Sales Manager


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