Operator October:
Operate Redis at Scale

Many of the benefits and differentiators Redis Enterprise offers are in the operations space, and to take full advantage of them, Redis needs to be scaled properly. 

So on that note, welcome to our new monthly live workshop – focused specifically on operations topics related to Redis to help you scale Redis efficiently. 

Watch this month’s Operator Workshop, where we show what Redis Enterprise brings to the table to help operate Redis at scale. We dive deep into and demo:

  • How Redis Enterprise’s new Cluster Manager UI offers new features and functionalities, designed with the user in mind.
  • How Auto Tiering enables larger datasets within Redis, broadens its uses, and optimizes cost and performance
  • How to ingest and integrate data with the new product Redis Data Integration
  • How to deploy an Active-Active setup on Kubernetes with a single yaml file

Event Speaker

Talon Miller, Technical Product Marketing Manager, Product Marketing

Talon Miller

Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager

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