Probabilistic Data Structures: The Most Useful Thing in Redis (you probably aren’t using)

Probabilistic (P11c) data structures allow you to cheat the storage requirements and computational load of many common data tasks. Join Kyle Davis and Loris Cro for a webinar covering P11c data structure concepts, trade offs, and advantages. You’ll hear about hyperloglog, Bloom filters, and cuckoo filters, and how to wield them in Redis. You’ll also hear about common use cases that can leverage these data structures.


Kyle Davis, Head of Developer Advocacy, Redis labs

Before joining Redis, Kyle worked as an independent full-stack architect and code quality consultant. Kyle has written extensively on Node.js and Redis. Kyle holds a Bachelors of Science in Computer Publishing & Telecommunications from the University of Southern Indiana and a Masters of Science in College Student Personnel Administration from the University of Central Missouri.

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