Real-time Data and User Experiences with Redis Search

The global pandemic accelerated the need for digital transformation.
In today’s age of real-time data, businesses are analyzing, making predictions, and taking action against data in real time. They are enhancing online customer experiences by eliminating application latency, and they are delivering higher-quality data for analytics, machine learning, and business intelligence to provide exceptional customer service and personalization to clients.

Customers’ expectations are very high. According to Emplifi, a customer experience vendor: 

  • 61% of customers say they would switch after one bad experience.
  • 86% of consumers would leave a brand after as few as two poor experiences.

Also, investments in real-time data pay off. According to the Centre for Economics and Business Research:

  • 80% of companies surveyed report revenue uplift due to real-time data analytics
  • 98% of companies report increased positive customer satisfaction with real-time experiences

Redis Enterprise real-time search capabilities help organizations deliver real-time performance for demanding use cases where responsiveness is paramount, and measured in sub-millisecond timelines, even with massive data sets. Among those use cases are ecommerce, real-time analytics, master data table lookups, and personalized customer 360° applications.

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Michael Yuan

Senior Solution Architect

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