Real-Time Recommendations with Redis, Java, and Websockets

WebSockets connect the browser to your app server. But what if the processing happens on some other server? In that case, you need to connect the worker process to the app process via a messaging system. After experimenting with RabbitMQ, we settled on Redis as a great pub-sub and a caching system.

When:July 26th, 2016
Duration:30 Minutes
Featured Speaker:Ninad Divadkar, Principal Engineer, Intuit
Audience:Redis and NoSQL Users


Ninad Divadkar, Principal Engineer, Intuit

Ninad Divadkar is a software engineer with 10+ years of experience, 4+ years in each of C++, .NET and Java. He has been actively working on Spring for the past 3 years and is an active member of the StackOverflow and GitHub spring community. Ninad has been working in various positions at Intuit, as a Software Engineer or Engineering Manager.His current passion is building a new flavor of QuickBooks, using cutting edge Spring and Java technologies. He is also an active Spring contributor.

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