Real-time, Scalable Applications Powered by a Modern Data Platform

When organizations build new applications and services, they often need scalable and lightning-fast data management platforms to support their innovations. For instance, some applications work against millions of rows of data and require response time measured in milliseconds. A globally available financial services application has to process transactions with sub-millisecond response rates. That’s a challenge to design, deploy, and support.

What does it take to support new, innovative applications? Register for this tech talk to hear from Fern Halper, VP of Research at TDWI Research, who specializes in advanced analytics, along with representatives from Redis and Ekata, a Mastercard company, as they discuss one such use case: supporting Ekata’s smart identity verification solution to detect fraud. During this conversation, you will learn:

  • Trends and use cases for scalable, low-latency data platforms
  • How Ekata built an identity verification platform using in-memory Redis Enterprise database on AWS
  • Important considerations and lessons learned from Ekata

Enjoy a live Q&A with Henry Tam, Principal Solutions Marketing Manager at Redis, to answer your questions.

This webinar is available for registration on multiple dates throughout 2023.

Event Speaker

Henry Tam, Sr., Principal Solutions Marketing Manager, Redis

Henry Tam

Sr., Principal Solutions Marketing Manager, Redis

Video coming soon – This event has ended