A Redis AI Virtual Workshop

Vector Search With Redis Enterprise

Using Vector Search with Redis Enterprise

This free instructor-led professional services introductory workshop will teach developers how to use Vector Search With Redis Enterprise.

AI and machine learning enables the transformation of unstructured data into numeric representations (vectors) that capture meaning and context, benefiting from advances in natural language processing and computer vision. To be useful, that data needs to be found and retrieved  accurately and lightning fast. Redis Enterprise makes that possible. 

After watching this workshop, developers will understand:

  • How vector search works
  • How Redis vector search can be used for semantic (text) search and visual search
  • How to use Redis Enterprise for Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), Large Language Model (LLM) Memory, and LLM Cache 

Event Speakers

Tom Solon, Professional Services Training Engineer, Redis

Tom Solon

Professional Services Training Engineer Redis

Eli Cohen, Professional Services Consulting Engineer, Redis

Eli Cohen

Professional Services Consulting Engineer

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