Redis and Kafka – Advanced Microservices Design Patterns Simplified
When:Aug 24, 2020 | 9:00 AM PDT
Duration:1 hr
Featured Speaker:Allen Terleto, Solutions Guy, Redis

The adoption and popularity of the microservices architecture continues to grow across a spectrum of enterprises in every industry. Although a consensus on an implementation standard has yet to be reached, advanced design patterns and lessons learned about the complexities and pitfalls of deploying microservices at scale have been established by thought leaders and the development community.

With Redis and Kafka becoming de facto standards across most microservices architectures, we will discuss how their combination can be used to simplify the implementation of event-driven design patterns that will provide real-time performance, scalability, resiliency, traceability to ensure compliance, observability, reduced technology sprawl, and scale to thousands of services.

In this discussion, we will decompose a real-time event-driven payment-processing microservices workflow to explore capturing telemetry data, event sourcing, CQRS, orchestrated SAGA workflows, inter-service communication, state machines, and more.


Allen Terleto, Solutions Guy, Redis

Allen is passionate about solving strategic business problems using cutting-edge information technology which put him on a path to become a trusted advisor across the Financial Services, Technology, Retail E-Commerce, and Healthcare industries. He has held leadership positions across various functions including Solutions Architecture, Sales, Field Engineering, and Professional Services.

Allen has broad technical and business experience with a specialization in distributed, low-latency, and high-throughput mission critical systems. His curiosity and passion for education has led to a comprehensive knowledgebase of technology and management disciplines including Business Administration, Information Systems Management, Data Architecture, Full-Stack Application Development, and more. Allen attended New York University (NYU) for both his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Advanced Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management as well as an MBA and MSIS from Stevens Institute of Technology.