Redis Enterprise Microservices Virtual Workshop

Learn to build performant, resilient, and highly available microservices

Microservice-based architecture is a game-changer that enhances productivity and provides faster time to market. But distributed systems can be more complex, with data consistency challenges across domains, communications between services, and slow performance of legacy databases. So where do you start?

In two hours, we can help you.

Join us for this free instructor-led professional services workshop that shows you how to simplify your microservices architecture and build performant, resilient, and highly available microservices using Redis Enterprise.

After completing this session, you will:

  • Learn how to implement 3 caching design patterns to address read latency challenges while maintaining independent, highly available services.
  • Understand how to use Redis Streams as an asynchronous message broker for interservice communications. 
  • See how Redis Enterprise supports multiple Redis data types and models including JSON and Search for Domain Driven Design.
  • Understand how to simplify Change Data Capture with Redis Data Integration tool including demo.

And did we mention that this is free? Why not invest two hours to learn about the solutions and tools to more efficiently develop microservice-based applications?


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Event speakers

Tom Solon

Professional Services Training Engineer, Redis

Tom Solon

Professional Services Training
Engineer, Redis

Eli Cohen

Professional Services Consulting Engineer


  • Overview of Microservices
    • Business Drivers
      •  Modern Architectures
      • Adoption
    • Benefits & Tradeoffs
    • Simplifying with Redis Enterprise
  • Redis Enterprise & Microservices
    • Technical Overview
    • Domain-Driven Design
    • API Gateway & Session Caching
    • Query Caching & CQRS
    • Messaging Among Services
  • Application Development with Redis and RedisInsight GUI and Visualization Tool
    • Redis Data Structures
      • Strings, Sets, Sorted sets, Lists and Hashes
      • Pub/Sub and Streams
    • JSON Module
    • Search capability
  • Redis Data Integration Tool for Change Data Capture Demonstration
  • General Questions and Answers