Best practices and opportunities

“The application worked great in development, so why is it such a slog in production?”

Understanding session state best practices is key to assessing and solving common session-related problems. A basic caching layer temporarily stores data to serve repeated database requests faster. Enterprise caching includes enterprise-grade functionality to ensure modern applications can scale up without slowing down.

This free instructor-led professional services introductory workshop trains developers to understand session management and data caching with Redis to keep their applications humming along.

After completing this session, developers will:

  • Understand Redis as a session store
    • How to identify returning users
    • What are the challenges of session management?
    • What kind of data is typically stored in a session?
    • How to model sessions using Redis data types
  • Understand Redis as a data cache
    • What is caching?
    • When is a cache useful?
    • Caching patterns
  • Understand application development with Redis
    • Redis data structures
      • Strings, sets, sorted sets, lists and hashes
      • Key eviction policies
      • RedisInsight demonstrations
    • RedisJSON Module
    • RediSearch Module
      • RedisInsight demonstration

Event Speakers

Tom Solon, Professional Services Training Engineer, Redis

Tom Solon

Professional Services Training Engineer Redis

Julien Ruaux, Solution Architect, Redis

Julien Ruaux

Principal Field Engineer

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