Scaling Microservices Apps: Migration to Redis Enterprise on Google Cloud

Redis is commonly utilized as a self-managed open source technology. But growth happens, and eventually many organizations outgrow open source limitations and the in-house expertise required to manage OSS deployments. As the volume and sources of your data grows, high availability, scalability and performance capabilities become critical. If you’re building applications that are real-time, that are mission critical for your business, if you require 5-9’s SLA, hybrid and multi-cloud compatibility and extensibility with modules among other enterprise grade features; it’s time to move to fully managed Redis Enterprise Cloud. 

But how do you do this without business disruption or data loss?

In this on-demand webinar we will deploy a fully functioning microservices application on Google Cloud using Open Source Redis, and demo how to migrate the data to Redis Enterprise.

You will learn about: 

  • Creation of K8s Cluster 
  • Creation of Redis Enterprise Cluster 
  • Deployment of a Microservices Application 
  • Creating a valid DNS and SSL Cert for your application 
  • Migration of data from OSS Redis to Redis Enterprise and more 

Watch a demo, obtain documentation & terraform automation. Plus, access a $1,000 coupon to get you started with Redis Enterprise on Google Marketplace so you can try it out for yourself.

Event Speakers

Cody Hill, Senior Solutions Consultant, Google Cloud.

Cody Hill

Senior Solutions Consultant
Google Cloud

Gilbert Lau, Cloud Partner Solution Architect

Gilbert Lau

Cloud Partner Solution Architect

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