The Pivotal Role of Feature Stores in Deploying Real-Time AI/ML

Make Your Machine Learning Project a Success

Feature stores help you deploy real-time AI and ML projects. Let us show you how Redis can help with them.

A feature store is a system that automates the input, tracking, and management of data into machine learning (ML) models. Several ML cloud platform providers offer feature stores that use Redis as the foundation – and it makes sense to learn how it all works.

In this webinar, Redis experts will help you to understand what feature stores are, their critical role for deploying real-time AI/ML, and why Redis is such a key feature store component.

Key Takeaways:

  • Real-time AI/ML examples and the challenges of deploying them
  • How feature stores  address these challenges
  • Building feature stores for real-time AI/ML
  • Case studies showing how companies use Redis as an online feature store
  • How to get started with open source feature store Feast or Feathr

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