Use Redis SmartCache to Speed Up Relational Database Queries

You need to update your legacy applications to run with decent performance – without bringing everything else to a screeching halt. In this webinar, we show you how.

Thousands of businesses use Redis to build applications that require real-time data. But many technologists have  the mistaken belief that using Redis alongside established databases causes more trouble than it’s worth. They expect obstacles like integrating data between old-and-new environments, the effort required to refactor applications, and operational challenges that accompany data layer complexity.

Unsurprisingly, we don’t see it that way. Let us show you why.

Join Bill Shoonmaker, Redis’ Senior Solutions Architect, to explore how Redis is making the dream of real-time applications attainable. Learn how Redis SmartCache can help you improve data query performance and reduce operational complexity – and you don’t need to change application code. 

Give us 45 minutes to show you what we – and you – can accomplish.

45-minute Webinar

Event Speakers

Bill Schoonmaker, Senior Solutions Architect, Redis

Bill Schoonmaker

Senior Solutions Architect

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