Optimize the User Experience with AI Leveraging Redis Enterprise on AWS

How iFood uses Redis Enterprise on AWS to provide an optimal user experience

Amid the tragedy, the COVID-19 pandemic presented unique opportunities for e-commerce firms, especially for online delivery services prepared to handle an escalating volume of orders. 

At iFood, one of the largest food delivery companies in Latin America, the technology team shifted into high gear as millions of new users began relying on its service, and thousands of new restaurants joined its growing platform.

Join experts from Redis and Amazon Web Services to learn how iFood uses Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS as the foundation of its rapidly evolving ML feature store to create an optimal experience for users.

You will learn how iFood’s Redis-based infrastructure:

  • Delivers sub-millisecond performance for ML operations
  • Powers a highly efficient microservices architecture that optimizes the user experience
  • Allows for massive scalability, enabling rapid corporate growth
  • Saves money on infrastructure costs

Event Speakers

Sam Partee Principal Applied AI Engineer

Sam Partee

Principal Applied AI Engineer

Antony Prasad Thevaraj Partner Solutions Architect, Redis

Antony Prasad Thevaraj

Sr. Partner Solutions Architect

Willian Moreira, Machine Learning Engineer - iFood

Willian Moreira

Machine Learning Engineer

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