Power your financial applications with Redis on AWS

The increasing complexity, volume, and speed of online financial transactions means organizations need more help to effectively identify fraud in milliseconds.

Improve fraud detection with Redis Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Achieve high throughput and availability and low latency with a globally scalable distributed architecture.

Detect Fraud faster

Manage risk and protect your business

Efficiently process data models

Select an in-memory database that enables sub-millisecond performance, global scalability, and 99.999% uptime.

Identify suspicious patterns

Quickly analyze patterns in transactions and augment know-your-customer (KYC) programs with new tools for digital identity.

Build with confidence on AWS

Rely on 15 years of experience supporting financial services customers. Reduce operational overhead and resource costs when you deploy in AWS Marketplace.

Reduce false positives and increase accuracy without sacrificing performance

Do you know the two biggest challenges in detecting fraud? Inform yourself with this solution overview and learn how a multi-layered rule-based and artificial intelligence and machine learning approach can help.

Download the solution overview

Set up Redis Cloud on AWS

Watch how to quickly get started with Redis Enterprise on AWS, and set up VPC peering for a more secure, more performant, and more cost-effective connection.


Deploy Redis on AWS with unified billing and consumption toward your AWS commit