Etermax Meets High Availability and Performance Demands of its 25 Million Daily Gaming Users with Redis Enterprise

Popular gaming platform reduces AWS infrastructure cost by 30 percent

Mountain View, January 24, 2018—Redis, the home of Redis and provider of Redis Enterprise, today announced that Etermax, a mobile application development company known for its popular Trivia Crack and Pictionary online games, depends on Redis Enterprise as a primary database, to provide continuous availability and meet the performance demands of 25 million daily users. Additionally, Etermax reduced AWS infrastructure costs by 30 percent, and expects to further reduce infrastructure cost by up to 70 percent with Redis on Flash.

A growing mobile gaming company, Etermax approached the limits of its open-source Redis installation as the company saw its customer base rise by two to three million users every week. CPU and memory bottlenecks were an issue, and maintaining a completely redundant infrastructure for high availability was considered too costly under the current configuration. Yet, once Redis Enterprise was deployed, it improved efficiency with less server infrastructure.

“Redis Enterprise helped us scale without any downtime or performance impact, which is critical given that we serve approximately 25 million customers a day,” said Gonzalo Garcia, CTO at Etermax. “Redis exceeded our expectations as we were getting to 95 percent CPU utilization, and improved reliability for users without the need for expensive hardware.”

Used by more than 8,000 enterprise customers, Redis Enterprise offers effortless scaling, always-on availability, and significant cost reduction in one platform. Redis Enterprise enhances the power of Redis with the cost-effectiveness of SSDs, by extending Redis to run on Flash drives and retaining the high performance of Redis through smart tiering of data. Enterprise customers benefit from a wide range of functionality for real-time operational and analytics scenarios in the broadest variety of environments.

“The next generation of applications need to deliver ultra-fast responsiveness for the best user experiences, supplemented with cost-efficiency for greater business profitability,” said Manish Gupta, Redis’ CMO. “Etermax is a great example of how Redis can enhance open source Redis to satisfy the scale, speed and efficiency needs of enterprises.”

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