Redis Labs Dominates Independent NoSQL Performance Benchmark

New independent benchmark by Avalon Consulting, LLC gives Redis top scores over Couchbase, DataStax Enterprise In-Memory, and Aerospike in a real-world application scenario

Mountain View, June 4, 2015—Redis, the commercial Redis provider, today announced that its new enterprise offering, Redis Enterprise Cluster (RLEC), emerged as a leader in an independent NoSQL performance benchmark by Avalon Consulting, LLC. The study concluded that the Redis’ product, Redis Enterprise Cluster (RLEC), consistently outperformed alternatives such as Couchbase, DataStax Enterprise In-Memory, and Aerospike on all criteria. The test compared throughput and end-to-end response times for a real-world application with a high volume of ‘write’ operations over a typical application deployment in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

“Redis hired Avalon to validate the findings of Emind, a cloud managed service provider for leading internet enterprises, on which NoSQL database would be best suited for high volumes of ‘writes’ in an application designed by Emind” said Kurt Cagle, Principal Evangelist, Avalon Consulting, LLC. “Redis came out as most suitable for the designed application.”

Redis Dominates Independent NoSQL Performance Benchmark

Redis Enterprise Cluster (RLEC) consistently achieved top results in both throughput and latency:

“Redis has become a core part of the developer workflow for the full spectrum of database users — including traditional enterprises, internet enterprises and startups,” said Ofer Bengal, CEO and co-founder of Redis. “Redis Cloud has become a natural choice for developers who demand high performance for their applications and want to outsource the daily operation of their databases.”

Several cutting edge disrupters have deployed Redis Cloud, such as:

The test scenario is commonly required for use cases such as real-time analytics, high volume transactions, and Internet of Things (IoT) data ingestion.

Read the full benchmark here: /docs/nosql-performance-benchmark/

“Modern enterprise applications have to meet the ever-increasing performance needs of mission critical use cases such as real-time analytics, high volume transactions and IoT data ingestion, “ says Ofer Bengal, CEO and co-founder of Redis. “Redis Enterprise Cluster is the best choice to harness the high performance and low latency of open source Redis while meeting the demanding scalability, availability, and stability requirements of enterprise deployments.”

About the benchmark

This independent NoSQL performance study was conducted by Avalon Consulting, LLC, a company that transforms data investments into actionable business results by visioning and implementing big data, web presence, content publishing and enterprise search solutions.

For this benchmark Avalon utilized three servers:

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