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4 Steps to Select the Right Database for Your IoT Solution

4 Steps to Select the Right Database for Your IoT Solution

Choosing the right database platform(s) for IoT solutions is quite daunting. One challenge is location—IoT solutions can be distributed across geographical regions. Critical IoT applications that collect large volumes of data and rely on low latency are required at the edge, but there is a need to connect edge servers to the cloud for large scale processing. Many businesses are, therefore,  adopting adopting a combination of both fog computing at the edge and cloud computing. And so, database platforms must offer both the flexibility to process the data at the edge, and to synchronize between the edge servers and the cloud.

Another challenge is the variety of features needed to support IoT use cases. The capabilities you want in your database could range from  and include:

  • Real-time data streaming
  • Data filtering and aggregation
  • Near-zero latency read operations
  • Instant analytics
  • High availability
  • Geo distribution
  • Schema flexibility and many more.

This article walks you through the four steps to choosing the right database platforms for your IoT Solutions:
1. Identify the data needs for your solution,
2. Break down your solution into independent services and list their data needs,
3. Group your services by their data requirements and select the right database(s),
4. Evaluate cost and resource efficiency

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