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Cache and Message Broker for Microservices

Cache and Message Broker for Microservices

Learn how to speed up and simplify your microservices applications

Redis Enterprise was designed and built with the same core principles that guide microservices architectures: agility, resilience, scalability, and flexibility. This alignment makes Redis Enterprise an ideal caching and asynchronous messaging solution for microservices applications. 

But not only does Redis Enterprise align with the strengths of microservices – it can also be used to overcome three key microservices challenges: complexity, eventual consistency, and latency.

Read the solution brief to discover:

  • How caching with Redis Enterprise enables fast, simplified microservices applications
  • The top three caching patterns for microservices (and when to use them)
  • Why using Redis Streams as a message broker for inter-services communication reduces complexity and is simpler to deploy than Kafka
  • Customer stories and reference architectures using Redis Enterprise as a microservices cache and lightweight message broker

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