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Combat Fraud With Redis Enterprise

Combat Fraud with Redis Enterprise

Instances of identity and payment fraud are soaring.

There are plenty of reasons, not the least of which are increased usage of digital channels, such as mobile banking, online credit card transactions via ecommerce websites, and a range of popular digital payment options.

Financial services firms are moving to digital identities and AI/ML fraud detection systems to keep pace with the fraudsters. However, adopting those technologies raises data infrastructure and access challenges.

Learn how Redis Enterprise in-memory data platform is helping financial businesses achieve faster and more accurate identity validation and fraud detection.

Download this solution brief to understand:

  • Why moving to digital identities as part of Know Your Customer (KYC) processes requires a low latency and high-throughput data store
  • How a large global bank is applying real-time transaction risk scoring to combat payment fraud
  • How Redis Enterprise in-memory data platform can power real-time identity validation and risk scoring models

With multiple sources and types of data comprising a digital identity and online features for risk scoring models, the challenge lies in updating everything quickly enough to stay ahead of criminals and avoid frustrating customers. Make sure your company is protected.

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