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Developing Apps Using Active-Active Redis Enterprise

Developing Apps Using Active-Active Redis Enterprise

Redis Enterprise in its active-active mode is an ideal database for highly interactive, scalable, low-latency geo-distributed apps. It’s architecture is based on the breakthrough academic research: conflict-free replicated data type (CRDT). This offers unprecedented advantages over other active-active databases including:

  • Guaranteed local latency for both read and write operations, utilizing consensus free protocols to maintain consistency
  • Causal consistency and strong eventual consistency delivering consistent views of the data
  • Built-in conflict resolution for simple and complex data types that simplifies app development and global deployment
  • Streamlined implementation of modern application scenarios such as leaderboards, distributed caching, shared sessions, multi-user metering, and many more
  • Safer cross-geo failover, with automatic, intelligent sync between active databases that avoids incorrect overwrites and loss of state

In this tutorial, you will learn about the following:

  • Best practices for designing geo-distributed applications using Redis CRDTs
  • Redis data structures and their conflict resolution semantics
  • How to setup Docker-based Redis Enterprise for development and testing environments
  • Sample implementations for counters, distributed caching, shared sessions and multi-region data ingest

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