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Evaluate, Then Deploy: Getting Started With Microservices

Evaluate, Then Deploy: Getting Started With Microservices

Microservices for modern application frameworks

As industry expectations for data processing grow increasingly rigorous, many companies turn to microservices.

By decoupling various services and allocating each individual service to its own database, microservices allow companies to facilitate faster time-to-market for new applications and updates. Companies may leverage the most efficient database for each service offered, and because microservices are light by design, database footprints are minimized while agility is maximized.

Evaluate, then deploy

With more than 300 databases available, it’s important to thoroughly evaluate your microservice needs before moving forward with any particular platform. Before selecting a database for your microservice – which could be for a product catalog, order processing, customer profile management, or real-time fraud detection – it is important to design your service to provide the best throughput possible. This ensures you’ll avoid any individual microservice from creating a bottleneck and consequently collapsing your entire system. Also, be careful to avoid “microservices-washing,” a fraudulent attempt to rebrand monolithic frameworks as microservices.

This paper helps you to evaluate your microservice needs so that you can get started more efficiently and quickly. We’ll cover how to understand your data store requirements, such as performance and data modelling requirements, the types of data and how you need it processed, and deployment options.

What you’ll learn from Redis Enterprise as a Database for Microservices

This paper will help you evaluate your performance and data modeling needs, and provides a synopsis of how Redis Enterprise can help you maximize the performance of your microservices.

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