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Redis Enterprise for Real-time Reporting


Make faster, smarter business decisions – at any scale

Businesses in the Financial Services Industry must be able to quickly analyze and act on data.  However, analyzing large datasets in BI tools typically involves frequent querying or large data sets from backend systems that are too slow for practical use. Each new view or filter can take minutes (or tens of minutes) to apply. 

And enhancing query performance is often complex, impractical, or altogether infeasible. Low-latency data is imperative when running thousands of reports throughout the day, but gaining low latency from slow databases is incredibly complex.

Redis Enterprise can help. This solution brief explains:

  • The most common challenges associated with real-time reporting at scale
  • How you can improve performance the level needed, without adding complexity
  • A detailed explanation of how Redis Enterprise can be used for ad-hoc reporting and query caching (with architecture diagrams), how these solutions work, and when each is appropriate

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