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Redis for Fast Data Ingest

Redis for Fast Data Ingest

Most modern industries — ranging from finance and retail to entertainment and IoT — require software with the ability to rapidly collect, store and process large volumes of data. Data loss is typically not permissible, and hold-ups in data analysis can generate significant obstacles. As a result, big data use cases mandate real-time streaming data ingest, and Redis Enterprise offers just that.

Designing a fast data ingest solution entails several challenges. Data ingest solutions must be able to process large volumes of data in bursts as well as in various formats. These databases should also have the ability to filter, analyze or forward data to the relevant parties, and identify data from geographically distributed sources. Many data ingest solutions today are too complex, feature-rich and over-engineered for simple requirements, making Redis a popular choice for fast data ingest scenarios with its lightweight architecture and notably high performance. It’s so popular, in fact, that 74 percent of Redis consumers surveyed by TechValidate reported using the database for messaging and data ingest.

Redis has numerous qualities that make it a more suitable choice for fast data ingest than its competitors. It offers clients in over 60 languages, and its diverse set of data structures — such as Lists, Sets, Sorted Sets, Pub/Sub and Hashes — ensure simple and versatile data processing. Redis combines high-speed data ingest and real-time analytics in a resource-efficient way, and Redis Enterprise enhances Redis with seamless scaling, always-on availability, automated deployment and cost-effectiveness. To learn more about Redis as a fast data ingest solution, please download our white paper.

Each of Redis’ data structures offers its own advantages in implementing a fast data ingest solution. These structures may have their individual shortcomings, but together they comprise a wide array of options for any company seeking an optimal method to rapidly process and analyze its data. Pub/Sub, for instance, is ideal in scenarios such as social media communication, gaming and e-commerce workflows, while Sorted Sets are perfect for IoT transactions and metering.

In this way, Redis presents a solution to almost every data ingest hurdle. It also offers nonstop support for performance, scaling and failover mechanisms. Moreover, Redis Enterprise Flash technology enhances Redis to run on a combination of RAM and more cost-effective Flash memory, making Redis even more efficient. For more information and tips on how Redis and Redis Enterprise handle fast data ingest, please download our white paper.

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