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Redis Enterprise for Financial Services

Redis Enterprise for Financial Services

Data is at the heart of today’s financial industry. Financial companies depend not only on data accuracy, but also on high-speed transactions, data protection and privacy, and data-driven insights to personalize user experiences for their customers and users.

NoSQL databases have become critical for financial services companies to support a new generation of applications. Redis Enterprise is trusted by 3 of the 4 FinTech upstarts, boutique financial services, and hedge funds, multinational banks, leading credit card companies, consumer and corporate lending firms and conglomerates. Redis Enterprise takes Redis to the next level by enhancing Redis deployments and helping financial services companies:

  • Facilitate high-speed transactions, such as processing Apple Pay payments with low latencies or driving global wire-transfer reconciliation for multinational banks
  • Personalize digital user experiences to drive adoption among customers and prospects
  • Implement high-speed data crunching and fraud detection for important risk management scenarios
  • Process data analytical queries at accelerated speeds for real-time business insights
  • Enhance security with authentication and authorization controls, encryption for data in motion and at rest, and logging and event tracking for forensic analysis
  • Remain compliant with regulations while simultaneously reducing the risks and costs typically associated with database deployments

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