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Why Your SQL Server Needs Redis

Why Your SQL Server Needs Redis

Microsoft SQL Server is a widely used relational database. Just like any other RDBMS, SQL Server encounters performance issues as the data it stores grows to larger volumes. Even with all of the fine tuning and a heavy investment in the physical infrastructure, SQL Server can only perform a few thousand operations per second. However, to stay ahead of the competition, most enterprises need to operate at the scale of a few million operations per second with sub millisecond latency. Today’s competitive business environment also drives companies to innovate and bring new services to market faster than ever before. But they must do so without affecting any legacy applications.

This white paper answers two questions that you encounter while scaling up with SQL server:

  1. How to scale applications with limited effort and cost?
  2. How to introduce new features, applications and solutions faster?

Explore how you can complement SQL Server with Redis for use cases such as caching, session store, metering, leader boards, data streams and more.

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