3 Design Patterns to Speed MEAN and MERN Stack Applications

3 Design Patterns to Speed MEAN and MERN Stack Applications

Need your MEAN and MERN applications to run as fast as possible? Start here.

Together, the MongoDB database, the Express and Angular,js frameworks, and Node.js constitute the MEAN stack, a pure JavaScript stack that helps developers create every part of a website or application. Similarly, the MERN stack is composed of MongoDB, the Express and ReactJS frameworks, and Node.js. Both stacks have become popular ways to build Node.js applications.

Those stacks work well, which accounts for their popularity. But it doesn’t mean the software generated runs as fast as it can – or as fast as it needs to.

In this e-book, we share three popular design patterns that developers use with Redis to improve application performance with MEAN and MERN stack applications. We explain each pattern in detail, and accompany it with an overview, typical use cases, and a code example. Our intent is to help you understand when and how to use each pattern.

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