Understanding Streams in Redis and Kafka – A Visual Guide

Understanding Streams in Redis and Kafka - A Visual Guide

Streams are incredibly useful but can be a little confusing to understand. Even when you think you have a firm understanding of it, stream processing can still be a very complex topic. In fact, it’s difficult to maintain a good mental model of streaming unless you really understand some stream processing systems. 

To make it really simple, we have gone through the depths of two streaming systems, Kafka and Redis Streams and have created over 50 illustrations to make it easy to understand. Plus, we’ll also use code snippets where appropriate to really give you a realistic view of how they look when you are dealing with them. 

The book covers:

  1. How to think about streams and connect the dots between different perspectives so you get a bigger picture
  2. Some of the challenges of handling streams
  3. How stream processing systems such as Redis Streams and Kafka work and how they implement the same concepts differently.

By the end of this, you should have

  • An expert-level understanding of streams, the challenges of stream processing, and how two stream processing systems (Kafka and Redis streams) work
  • Enough knowledge to do a proof-of-concept of Redis Streams or Kafka and to determine which one is best suited for your application needs
  • Enough theoretical knowledge to get a head start on certification for either Redis or Kafka

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