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Learn how global IT leaders use data to drive business growth

Michael Krigsman, Industry Analyst and Publisher of CXOTalk, sat down with 12 CxOs at companies like Splunk, HP, UPS, Siemens, and EA to find out how they use data to create value for their business. Watch intimate conversations with global technology leaders and understand how you can take advantage of real-time data to improve customer experience, accelerate business growth, and lead a digital culture.


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Eric Haller


Real-Time Fraud Detection & Exabyte Analytics

Eric Haller, EVP & GM of Identity, Fraud & DataLabs at Experian oversees the detection algorithms used to pinpoint fraudulent transactions. In this episode, he explains best practices for real-time fraud detection, challenges to consider when processing big, high-speed data, and shares advice for how to leverage data to generate business value.

Eric Haller

EVP & GM Fraud, Identity, and DataLabs | Experian

Norm Judah and Mike Gualtierie


Use Real-time Analytics, Streaming, IoT, and AI to modernize apps and increase business value

Norm Judah, Former CTO of Microsoft, and Mike Gualtieri, VP Analyst at Forrester, discuss how business leaders can lead teams to use real-time data and machine learning to modernize applications. In this episode, we’ll look at key challenges to consider, dive into the technology, and address how leaders leverage AI to accelerate innovation and deliver for customers.

Norm Judah & Mike Gualtieri

Former Enterprise CTO | Microsoft
VP, Principal Analyst | Forrester

Eric Haller


Diversify Data to Drive Innovation

Ron Guerrier, Global CIO of HP shares insights on how leaders can create a culture of innovation through diversity of thought and diversity of data. In this episode, we explore why customer centricity, data diversity, and having a purpose are key ingredients for achieving success with data within an enterprise.

Ron Guerrier

Chief Information Officer | HP

Eric Haller


Real-Time Data is Transforming the Trucking Industry

Dorothy Li, the CTO of Convoy, is using technology to revolutionize the digital freight industry. In this episode, she shares insights on how data and machine learning can be used to improve supply chain, labor, and environmental inefficiencies.

Dorothy Li

Chief Technology Officer | Convoy

Eric Haller


Improve Security with Real-Time Data and Digital Twins

Kurt John, the CISO at Siemens, is responsible for overseeing strategy and operations in the enterprise’s largest market globally, consisting of over $23B in revenue. In this episode, Kurt shares how his team uses a combination of real-time data, passive data, and digital twins to protect petabytes of data and actively prevent and respond to cyber threats.

Kurt John

Chief Cybersecurity Officer | Siemens

Eric Haller


Digital Twin for Real-Time Predictive Analytics

Satyan Parameswaran, President of Information Technology at UPS is responsible for helping the company successfully and accurately deliver 26 million packages per day. In this episode, he shares insights on how UPS drives customer satisfaction, addresses new market opportunities, and improves brand reputation using data. We’ll dive into the impressive technologies behind it like digital twins and advanced real-time analytics that help UPS manage a very complex logistics network.

Satyan Parameswaran

President of Technology | UPS



Using AI and Data Science to Lead Advancements in Medicine

Dr. Bülent Kızıltan leads innovation for Causal and Predictive Analytics at Novartis, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. In this episode, you’ll learn how to lead with data science and apply new AI methodologies to drive innovation and reduce time to market.

Bülent Kızıltan

Head of Casual & Predictive Analytics, AI Innovation Center | Novartis

Eric Haller


Optimize Machine Learning Models for Real-Time Financial Services

Scott Zoldi is Chief Analytics Officer at FICO responsible for the strategy and analytic development of FICO’s product and technology solutions. In this episode, Scott shares how FICO uses analytic models and data to make real-time critical decisions around payments, fraud, and credit. Plus, he’ll share his perspective on data privacy and data governance as it relates to personal data.

Scott Zoldi

Chief Analytics Officer | FICO

Eric Haller


How to Create Immersive Player Experiences with Real-Time Data

Farah Ali, VP of Technology Growth Strategy at Electronic Arts, is responsible for creating world-class, immersive player experiences for 500 million global users. In this episode, Farah explains how her team uses petabytes of data to build a more competitive gaming experience. She shares how data drives personalization at scale, improves game quality, creates new worlds, and cultivates realism.

Farah Ali

VP, Growth Technology | Electronic Arts

hy Chamala of HPE


How to Use Data to Drive Digital Business Growth

Shy Chalakudi is Head of Enterprise Data & Digital Technology at HPE. A leading edge-to-cloud company spanning over 150 countries. In this episode, Shy shares her perspective on the role of data in a modern business model and how it drives digital business solutions and innovative customer experiences. She explains how companies can use consumer data to create a comprehensive customer 360. Plus, she shares solutions to help companies deeply understand their end-to-end user journey to better serve consumers.

Shy Chalakudi

Head of Enterprise Data Analytics & Digital Technology | HPE

Shawn Bice


Using Real-Time Data to Accelerate Digital Innovation

Shawn Bice, President of Technology at Splunk shares his view on the evolution of data and gives insight for how companies can leverage it to innovate faster and make more informed business decisions. He explains the role of data in the digital economy, reinventing customer experience, and driving digital transformation.

Shawn Bice

President of Products & Technology | Splunk

Beth Johnson Episode 12


Enhance and Scale Customer Experience with Data

Beth Johnson is Chief Experience Officer (CXO) of Citizens Financial Group, Inc. She leads an organization focused on improving the customer experience by advancing the bank’s overall capabilities in customer analytics and digital. In this episode, Beth shares her perspective on how businesses can use data to drive world-class customer experiences at scale.

Beth Johnson

Chief Experience Officer (CXO) / Citizens Financial Group, Inc.

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