Why Redis Cloud vs. Redis Open Source?
(Or Elasticache and Memorystore?)

There’s really no comparison. Redis Cloud is delivered by the same engineering team as Redis Open Source, but they packed it with unique advantages and enterprise-level support only available to Redis Cloud users:

And all of this comes with the capability of 99.999% availability—at a competitive price.

We Partner with Major Cloud Providers

Our partners include Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Google Cloud. Purchase directly from us and deploy on Amazon, Google, or Azure, or purchase through a partner marketplace and burn down your existing Cloud commitments.

Pick Your Plan

We offer two plans, and one is perfect for you. Both the Essentials Plan and the Pro Plan offer top-of-the-line security and reliability, ensuring that your business runs smoothly and securely.

Essentials Plan Features and Benefits

Redis Stack

Providing developers with exceptional development functionalities, including JSON, probabilistic data structures, search, vector databases, and time series.

Wide Range of Options

Right size your plan for your data, from 30MB to 12GB, and get up 10,000 connections.

Multiple Replication Options

Configure the Essentials plan to use single- or multi-zone replication based on your specific infrastructure requirements.

Cost Predictability

Budget and forecast predictably with a fixed monthly price.

Global Availability

Broaden your reach with our global regions. Bring your application closer to your users and not only reduce latency, but support data sovereignty requirements.

Backup Options

Choose between on-demand or daily backups, ensuring your data is safe and always recoverable.

Pro Plan Features and Benefits

Everything in Redis Essentials, plus:

Best-in-class 99.999% availability

With five-9’s availability, active-active, and active-passive geo-distribution, your application will always be highly available, worldwide.

Dedicated Infrastructure

Create any size or number of databases to handle unlimited throughput and connections.


Customize your infrastructure to suit your specific scalability and reliability requirements and needs.

Lower TCO

Expect pricing that scales with your usage. Couple that with innovative auto-tiering technology that intelligently allocates your most frequently used data to RAM and less frequently used data to SSDs, thereby ensuring high performance at a reduced cost.

PCI Compliance

Enhance your data security with Redis Cloud’s PCI DSS certification for Pro and Annual plans on AWS and Google Cloud. Protect your customers with the gold standard of financial data security.

24/7 Support

Get help from a Redis expert when you need it.

Redis Cloud changes everything